The Struggle of Choosing The Right Party to Vote for

I hope they won't be told about struggle credentials when they get to 18.

I’ve been up for two hours and just like on any day I decided to go through social networks to see what people were saying about going to the polls today. I realised that some of my friends had woken up before the polling stations opened to cast their ballots and elect local leaders – some of them were even saying who they are planning to vote for. Continue reading

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SA Songstress in New York

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A Soweto Men’s Hostel With A Different Side of South Africa

Spending a Saturday night buying meat and cutting it on top of a dirty table covered in newspapers in a Soweto men’s hostel isn’t most people’s idea of a perfect night out in the city but it’s the best way of experiencing a different side of Johannesburg that most young people who live a middle class life in suburbia don’t get to see. Continue reading

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Africans Short-changed by Broadcasters and Rely on Social Media for Their News

I am trying to understand the reasons behind all television news stations’ preoccupation with the wedding of British Prince William to his bide Kate Middleton. Watching on Friday, 29 April 2011, it appeared there were no other news in the world as we were shown guests being ushered to their seats and told which designers they were wearing. I was doubly irritated at South Africa’s e-News Channel for their decision not to even have news headlines concerning South Africans and Africans for the duration of the wedding ceremony. It was also interesting to see many Africans complaining about the fuss over the ceremony on social networks.

I then decided to visit the internet and social networks and realised that Guardian reporter, David Smith, tweeting as @SmithInAfrica was updating his followers on protest marches that had turned violent in Uganda’s capital, Kampala. That is when I realised that in order for one to get real news these days they have to rely on bloggers and social networks. To me this was a clear sign that the news making process has changed and broadcasters are no longer the most reliable source of news as many would have missed this important African story had there been no twitter. Continue reading

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I Miss The Old Melville

Many who have lived in Johannesburg over the years often talk about how Melville has been a party spot many in the media industry wanted to be seen. This part of Johannesburg would offer a variety of entertainment and the two streets offering this entertainment would be Seventh Avenue and Main Street, but the glamour of Melville doesn’t seem to there anymore. Continue reading

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Jozi Streets Become Battle Zone as Female Drivers Break Rules


Women often say we should be treated the same as they are our equals in everything that we do. I don’t agree with this statement as I have realised that as men we often have to understand that they are women and they can break certain rules or make certain mistakes because of their gender. This is also the case on the roads – but hell no; I will not allow anyone to dent my car. Continue reading

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True Democracy in Action as Students Hijack Minister’s Speech in Pretoria

Driving around South Africa’s capital, Pretoria, after midday yesterday was a bit problematic as students from the African National Congress baby, the South African Students Congress (SASCO), closed the city centre in protest for free education. They came out in their thousands from the University of Johannesburg (UJ), the Tshwane University of Technology and the University of Limpopo’s Medunsa campus.

 The national leg of the organisations has been fighting for free education for a while now, but it seemed as if Friday’s march was dominated by the Medical students from Medunsa as most of the banners on show were from them. The thousands on the capital’s streets wanted a meeting with the minister of Higher Education and Training, Dr Blade Nzimande, but he never pitched sending a representative. Continue reading

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