Revamped Durban Beach Offers Variety

Since I moved to Johannesburg almost six years ago I have missed the beach. As a kid growing up in Pietermaritzburg it was only a 45 minute drive away and when I was studying in Durban I could go whenever I wanted, but this luxury does not exist in Johannesburg. The closest one comes to a beach in Johannesburg are the many fake creations which are organised once a year near dams. People don’t go to those fake beaches to swim, surf or play in the sand – they go there to drink which to me is not the same. This has led to me visiting one of Durban’s many beaches whenever I go home. The beach in Durban has gone through a beautiful change.

I remember it as a pre-world cup construction site that was impossible to enjoy about a year ago. Now the surfers are back and they stay there until the sun is about to set. During my long beach walk

I also stopped to watch a free cycle and skate show on a brand new track that was built just for them. Graffiti artists also get a chance to show off their work on the track.

The beach is also an open air art gallery as there are women from across southern Africa who sell craftworks on the pavement with people who also use sand as their tool to mould dolphins, cars, elephants and many other creatures found on the African continent. They charge a small tip should people want to take photographs of their work which makes sense as they have no other means of making a living out of the temporary pieces appreciated by most people who walk by.

Surfers are also back in the area and they too don’t mind showing off their skills especially if there are photographers around. All this has made the Durban beach front one of my favourite places to visit whenever I go home.

About africancitytales

I am a journalist, television/radio presenter and producer. I am also a journalism lecturer. I enjoy back packing the African continent and finding out more about people who live in Africa.
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