Jozi Streets Become Battle Zone as Female Drivers Break Rules


Women often say we should be treated the same as they are our equals in everything that we do. I don’t agree with this statement as I have realised that as men we often have to understand that they are women and they can break certain rules or make certain mistakes because of their gender. This is also the case on the roads – but hell no; I will not allow anyone to dent my car.

The other day when I was turning into Corlett drive from the freeway from Pretoria a woman in a small black car, who had been parked next to me and realised that I would be turning into the lane that was on the far left, decided that it was her womanly right to move from the inside lane into the lane that was on the far left disregarding the accident her move might cause. So there I was cursing, shouting and swirving just to avoid her. Rather than apologising Little Miss Pretty looks at me and looks away to discuss it with the passenger in her car. I bet she was telling the female passenger that I should have expected it as women change their minds all the time.

A few days ago I was parked at the Sanlam Centre in Randburg after cutting my hair as Akin who works from one of the hair salons there is the only person who knows how to cut it properly. As I was reversing out of my parking space Miss Red Car decided to start reversing when I was half way out. The car guard was standing behind her, screaming and shouting – telling her that she had to stop as she would hit me. On realising that the creature inside the car does not check any mirrors when reversing I went back into my parking space. Like the previous one she realised she was at fault, looked at me, didn’t apologise and continued driving.

A few days later a similar scenario played itself out at the Cresta parking lot. This time it was Grey Haired Gran who also ignored the guard at the mall and decided that mirrors were decorative parts of the car that should never be used when one is reversing.

Parking is an important part of a driver’s test and I often wonder whether female drivers in South Africa ever go through this part of driving. Yesterday I was with my girlfriend in downtown Johannesburg and she told me that she would never be able to drive in that much traffic with taxis breaking all rules in the driving book.

I again wondered whether women use the sixth sense they always claim to have on the road. So I have decided that whenever I drive out of my garage at home I should be prepared to go into the battle zone where one must survive female drivers. I still love my sisters though.

About africancitytales

I am a journalist, television/radio presenter and producer. I am also a journalism lecturer. I enjoy back packing the African continent and finding out more about people who live in Africa.
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