During the 2010 football world cup in South Africa I heard a Mexican television personality saying she expected Africa to be a jungle and was surprised on realising that Africans live “normal” lives and many have managed to find a balance between tradition and modernisations.

A few months later I heard an American comedian talking about how he didn’t expect Africa to have a modern airport and could not believe that the OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg functions normally. He even said his friends in the USA were warning him about animals that were on the streets in Africa.

These two stories are from people who are celebrities in their countries of origin and one would believe they have enough access to information about the continent and would have been expected to have done a bit of research before boarding their respective flights to the “big country” of Africa

The purpose of this blog is to write about all things African and to educate individuals like the ones mentioned above. It is to show that African cities are vibrant with growing economies. Africa might not be on the same level as Europe, North America and parts of Asia but those who work on the continent contribute towards economic growth.

As I was coming up with the idea of this blog I remembered a coversation I once had with the Executive Director of People Opposing Women Abuse, Delphine Serumaga. The Ugandan native who has also lived and worked in Canada told me that one lives a fulfilled life in Africa. She said life was boring and predictable for her in Canada as she knew everything functioned the way it should which resulted in her getting to work at the same time every day, her routine at work would be pretty much the same and when it was knock off time she would go home. The same story would be repeated the following day, the day after that and so on.

Delphine told me that things are different for her in Africa as she truly feels that she is making a meaningful contribution she would not have made in Canada. 

Africa is a continent with cultures different from any other and her people are vibrant. This blog hopes to start conversations about growth on the continent. We also hope to start conversations about Africa’s people, their hardships, triumphs, successes, disappointments, etc.

What we are saying is that African cities are alive and people on this continent have dreams and are working hard in making sure they become a reality.

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